Jamaica Marijuana Laws

Thursday, Jan 22, 2015

Jamaica Marijuana Laws-Jamaica has become a top tourist spot for smoking weed. In Jamaica marijuana is still actually considered illegal on a governmental level. Even though Jamaican residents freely smoke weed. Jamaica government is now taking a closer look at marijuana as a whole.

Jamaica now see that their policies and outdated practices has hindered there war on drugs. There is still large amounts of marijuana smuggled in and out of Jamaica everyday. Jamaica government is spending unnecessary money and resources on marijuana enforcement. Jamaica has a new proposition for its residents. Marijuana was legalized in small amounts for personal use. Will anything change with this move. Jamaicans and tourist alike all smoke marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. Rather marijuana was legalized or not, I don’t think you can really stop a country from doing something that they have been doing for hundreds of years. Jamaicans smoke for many reasons including spiritual devotions and medical practices.