Jeff Sessions Says Department of Justice Will Not Pursue Minor Cannabis Cases

After years of posturing, Sessions came clean over the weekend and confirmed that the Department of Justice is neither interested in nor equipped to prosecute canna-business in 420-friendly states.

America's state-legal ganjapreneurs can breathe a little easier this week, and it's all thanks to Jeff Sessions (yes, you read that right).

While America's staunchly prohibitionist Attorney General wasn't removed from office — and he certainly hasn't changed his reefer madness opinions — Sessions admitted in a speech to Georgetown University law students this past Saturday that US Attorneys and the Department of Justice would not be pursuing "small marijuana cases."

Even before Sessions took over as America's top cop, the Alabama lawman has made anti-cannabis advocacy a sticking point of his political career. Since assuming the role as Donald Trump's Attorney General last year, Sessions has brought those views to the national stage, including his comparing cannabis to deadly drugs like heroin, continually threatening to sic federal law enforcement agencies on state-approved cannabis operators, and rescinding the Cole Memo, an Obama-era directive designed to protect state-level canna-business.