Judging for The Emerald Cup | Cannabis Now

Saturday, Dec 2, 2017

Smoking massive amounts of cannabis is hard work, trust us.



Swami and I have been hard at work all day. We started at noon and just finished, 10 hours later, sampling 24 entries in the flowers division of The Emerald Cup. There are 20 other categories in the cup this year, but 14 years ago it started with just the flowers. They remain the jewel of the competition.

This year’s team of 15 carefully selected judges gathered Monday afternoon at Area 101, home of Healing Harvest Farms and The Emerald Cup family in Mendocino County. With only 10 days to sort through at least 400 samples of flowers, it is a tight schedule since time must be allowed for SC Labs to test every entry first. It’s worth the wait to know it is clean when we smoke it.

Tim Blake, producer of The Emerald Cup, greeted the judges with open arms and that look of “Here we go again,” on his smiling face. Yet each year has been distinctly different, as we have watched what was an intimate and primarily Emerald Triangle awards ceremony and harvest dance party blossom into a two-day event which draws over 30,000 from all over the world. It is the original organically and sungrown cannabis event and it all started as a pipe dream over the trimming table. Who says stoners don’t get things done?

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