Learn About Tinctures, Topicals & Other Marijuana Products

Thursday, Dec 28, 2017

In addition to the more traditional methods of consumption, people are seeing much success with pain-relieving topicals, capsules, balms, tinctures and more.


While many of these methods are straightforward – you swallow a capsule, rub balm or lotion on your skin – others have multiple uses. Tinctures, for example, can be both consumed under the tongue (sublingually), or rubbed directly on the affected area for fast pain relief. When in doubt, read the directions or ask someone at your local retail location.

What Kinds of Non Smokable Cannabis Products Are There?

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, new products are entering the market daily. Many of these new products are familiar to medical patients because their application has been in use for pharmaceutical purposes for decades.


Capsules are a simple way to accurately dose and easily consume cannabis oils. Taken like a vitamin, capsules enter the digestive tract, where they’re broken down and the cannabinoids contained within are released. Transdermal patches and inhalers are gaining popularity as they’re discreet methods that don’t contain the additional calories that often come with edibles.

Alcohol tincture preparations can be absorbed in as few as 15 minutes while oil preparations have a general onset time between 30 minutes and three hours.