Lebanon, A Major Producer Of Illegal Weed, Will Now Study MMJ


The Lebanese American University (LAU) just announced that they will be studying the effects of medical cannabis.


This marks a milestone for the country, hinting that they could be turning a new leaf in terms of cannabis policy for Lebanon. In fact, they’re known for (illegally) producing some of the world’s finest hash, although Lebanese scientists barely have any understanding of the cannabis and how their unique climate impacts the quality of the cannabis products they make.


Last May 30, LAU conducted an event introducing its efforts to establish the Medicinal Cannabis Research Center whose objective is to research the medicinal value of cannabis grown in Lebanon. Even though they’re lagging behind in terms of progressive attitudes and research on cannabis compared to the rest of the world, it’s a big step in the right direction. LAU acknowledges how scientists and researchers already have generated solid evidence on the effects of the plant as well as its primary cannabinoids THC and CBD in treating a wide range of ailments.