LED Grow Light Question | 420 Beginner

Sunday, Nov 18, 2018

I’m looking for a good LED light and I want it to be cost effective. I’m new to growing. I got a cheap unbranded LED on eBay stated 300W but actual power is around 85W but for my next grow I want an upgrade. I’m growing a Sensiseeds Northern Lights auto right now. Just one plant but it’s filled out my 2 feet by 2 feet growing area. It’s in flower now and I have the light about 8 inches from the top of the plant. Since it’s an auto I run 18/6 lighting schedule. Is that the right way for auto in bloom?

I’m thinking about getting a new light. A big factor for me is that it’s cost effective and I get the most grams of high quality bud per watt.

I’m not growing for commercial use but I still want the best bang per buck (or £0.) I’ll grow only one or two plants at a time. Electric is a big part of the cost in the UK so I was looking for LED lights with two switches for grow and bloom as well as dimmable lights using pulse width modulation. Unfortunately I can’t find a cheap light with all these features. Do you have any recommendations?