LED Grow Light Tips

Thursday, Dec 17, 2015

Now that growing weed is more accessible than ever you need a grow light or two, right? Well before you plunk down your cash on tradition HID grow lights you’ve got to look into LED grow lights. Because they’re definitely stuff stoners like. Compared to HID or High Intensity Discharge Lighting, the traditional grow lights used for raising cannabis, many manufacturers are claiming that an LED grow light is more efficient and effective for growing marijuana. We haven’t had a chance to test these claims, hopefully an LED grow light maker will get in touch and give us a few to review. For that debate you might want to check out our post: How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana?

Anyone who’s ever fucked with an HID grow light system and it’s associated heavy-ass ballast and equipment knows what a pain in the ass they are to set-up (If you’re stuck with an old system you can improve it’s efficiency with a digital ballast.) However LED plant lights are much lighter, don’t require ballasts and can be used for the full life cycle of your marijuana plants. HID lights and ballasts are heavy and require a lot of support to hang. They also wear out quickly and that means they need to be replaced often. How much energy do LED grow lights Save?

Use A Reflector With LED lights as with HID and T5 lighting it can be helpful to utilize reflectors. That’s because many LED grow lights are one directional and need help with light dispersion. Add a reflectors to your LED grow lamps and you can point the light to exactly where you need it to shine. Keep An Eye On Temperature LED grow lights run incredibly cool compared to HID grow lights. However some growers rely on the heat from HID grow lights to keep their gardens warm during cool nights or cold days. Solve this problem by keeping an eye on the temperature of your grow room. Stick a thermometer about a foot below your grow lights to monitor the temperature near your plants’ canopy and add a space heater on a thermostat if necessary. What’s the Best Temperature for Growing Marijuana Indoors? Add LED Grow Lights If you are growing traditionally you may want to add an additional panel of blue LEDs and shoot them towards the sides of your weed plant or plants. This will help deliver the necessary light to all of the leaves. Of course this won’t work if you’re using the SCROG or SOG technique to grow your plants. Keep LED Grow Lights At The Right Distance Maintaining the proper distance between your LED grow lights and your plants will dramatically improve your grows. LED lights can be kept closer than HID grow lights because they don’t disperse nearly as much heat. However keep your LED grow lights high enough above the garden so that light completely covers the canopy. Protect Your Investment LED grow lights can be very expensive so make sure you take care of them. Use a power strip to regulate voltage going and prevent damaging spikes and surges. Maintaining and even power level will ensure your get the most out of your LED grow lights.