LED Grow Lights Can Burn Cannabis Buds?! | Grow Weed Easy


When it comes to using LED grow lights for growing cannabis, it's important to keep the lights the correct distance from your plants to prevent bud burning and/or bleaching.

LED grow lights are amazingly bright and powerful!

Many LEDs work best when kept around 18" or more from the top of the plant, but it's important to ask the manufacturer about the specific LED grow light model since each one is different from each other. The size of the LED bulbs, the way the lenses are made, and the angle the lamp directs light downward all make a big difference on how far your cannabis plants need to be without experiencing "sun burn" from LEDs.

LED grow lights can burn your cannabis plants even in comfortable temperatures!

It used to be thought that you could keep LED grow lights as close as you want because they don't get hot. Unfortunately that's not true, LEDs can give your cannabis buds and leaves light damage even in cool whether. This is known as light burn.

It's just like humans. We can get sunburn in cold weather. For example skiers often get sunburn because of the way sunlight reflects from the snow, even in 0 degree weather! It's not a matter of heat, it's the light itself that damages the skin and causes sunburn for humans.