Lemon Cheese Marijuana Strain Review and Pictures | NEWSTHC

Monday, Oct 5, 2015

There aren’t many strains of weed that make my face grimace because of its stink. Lemon Cheese however is one of these strains.


Lemon Cheese has some cloudy beginnings, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the actual origins of this extra smelly strain were. The only other strain review of lemon cheese suggested that it had its beginnings in Southern California by crossing Lemon Skunk with UK Cheese.


Lemon Cheese’s effects bring together the wonderful attributes of skunk and cheese to create a strain that pleasantly surprised me. The strain feels light and comes on slowly, allowing you to ease yourself into the high free of any anxious feelings. The strain also has a noticeable peak which pleasantly lets you down over the next couple of hours.

Taste & Smell

Cheeses usually smoke nicely, producing thick smoke that goes down easy. Lemon Cheese is no exception, rather this time you get a lovely citrusy kick. The smell is the best thing about this strain. It’s not that it’s pleasant, it’s just so pungent that it knocks you back in shock when you first smell it. I began hating the smell but the cheesy feet stink began to grow on me the more and more I smelled it.