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Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015

Lemon Thai comes out of the sunny island of Hawaii. The plants were originally obtained by Dutch Flowers and are most likely the cross of of Thailand Sativa and an unknown Hawaiian strain. Although the word “Thai” is in this strains name, it seems to lean mostly towards the Hawaiian parentage in the looks department and Thai in the effects.


The effects of Lemon Thai go straight to the head and provide and uplifting cerebral high which lingers on throughout the day. My thoughts became more focused and I was able to get work done with more concentration and reduced stress levels. This strain is defiantly perfect for those who want to use cannabis throughout the day. Those looking for more relaxation and sedation effects should definitely look towards more of an indica strain, such as True OG. For a strong sativa strain like Lemon Thai I was surprised to find that there were a lot less paranoid feelings associated with this strain.

Taste & Smell

Lemon Thai produces a strong citrusy smell which has subtle hints of peppermint. The lemon is very pleasing and even manages to emerge when smoked though a bong or a joint. The taste of the smoke goes down smooth and doesn’t leave you with any strange after-taste. It’s in the vape however where Lemon Thai’s taste really shines.

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