Los Angeles Unveils New Marijuana Regulations

Thursday, Dec 7, 2017

With California preparing to usher in an era of legal recreational weed on January 1, lawmakers across the state have scrambled to find suitable regulations regarding the plant. However, on Wednesday, the state took one of it’s biggest steps in procuring a reasonable set of bylaws ahead of the deadline, as its biggest city unveiled their own preliminary set of marijuana regulations.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved the proposed set of regulations, 12 to 0, after months of meetings regarding the sale, growth and distribution of recreational cannabis ahead of the January 1 deadline. The set of provisions will now go to the mayor for final approval.

Council President Herb Wesson believes LA can provide a template for other cities across the country clamoring for their own set of guidelines.

“We are LA. We are a big city. We do big stuff, that’s who we are, that’s how we roll. And there are cities throughout this country that are looking at us today,” Wesson said.

Despite the unanimous vote, however, there were some inevitable concerns regarding the provisions. Cannabis industry groups have taken umbrage with some of the stricter sanctions being enforced, while some neighborhood groups believe the regulations aren’t tight enough.