Major Trends for the Cannabis Industry in 2018
Thursday, Apr 5, 2018

In 2016, Bloomberg reported that consumers spent $6.7 billion on “legalized weed.”  This one number stands as proof of the success of the cannabis industry. If you consider that much of the money spent on illegal weed still goes properly unaccounted for, it is a real eye-opener to the business possibilities as more states go legal and more people become interested in stepping into the industry as entrepreneurs, business owners, growers, or other valuable players in the world of marijuana. Check out some of the ongoing and expected trends for the cannabis industry in 2018.

Regulation A+ Offering for Cannabis Companies

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in the cannabis industry for 2018 revolves around equity crowdfunding for cannabis companies, which is now at a peak in popularity allowing more cannabis-related entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door and get their business ideas up and running. Crowdfunding works for cannabis companies because it operates outside of federally-regulated financial institutions. Whereas a prospective cannabis grower or startup dispensary would have a hard time getting business loans from a bank, they can turn to crowdfunding as a way to get the funding they need.

Fundanna Crowdfunding CannaFundr Crowdfunding 420FundMe Crowdfunding Digital currency can be privately used to purchase cannabis for those users with privacy concerns Digital currency provides a way for people to avoid giant cannabis-relative fees set in place by the state or at a federal level Digital currency allows buyers to get what they need without carrying around a large sum of cash