Makers of Gorilla Glue Strain Sued by Gorilla Glue Adhesive Company
Monday, Oct 2, 2017

The breeders who created the super sticky Gorilla Glue Strain are being sued by the Gorilla Glue company aka the people who make the popular adhesive. Yep Nevada-based GG strains, the guys behind the popular Gorilla Glue strain, was recently hit with a federal trademark infringement lawsuit claiming that they are unlawfully advertising and selling products and services under a confusingly similar name to Gorilla Glue’s trademarks.

In the past weed was sold completely underground so growers could name it anything that they wish. That’s one reason why you’ve probably heard some really outlandish and even offensive strain names. We’re talking anything from Green Crack to God’s Pussy. However now that there are legal business creating, marketing and selling marijuana naming it is extremely important—not only from a marketing and advertising perspective but now from a legal angle. How much longer will marijuana growers and retailers be able to get away with selling products with infringing or even offensive names? Well the Gorilla Glue co v GG strain battle may be the first precedent setting case. So it’ll be as important as it is interesting to watch it play out.