Marijuana and Crystal Meth: A Comparison

People and researches often say that marijuana is a gateway drug, meaning, smoking it often leads to use of other drugs that are stronger and more dangerous like cocaine and crystal meth. But this is yet to be proved because a lot of marijuana users claim that this theory is wrong.

So we might as well just focus on the effects of these drugs, marijuana and crystal meth, on the people using them. I think most of the people will agree when I say that there are good drugs and bad drugs and people have to be smart enough to know which among the recreational drugs people are fond of today are safe and which of them are most likely to ruin your life.

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One of the advantages that marijuana has against the other drugs is that it has properties that can help cure a lot of diseases like gout, seizures, glaucoma, pain, loss of appetite and even cancer. What can drugs like crystal meth give you aside from the high that you can also get from marijuana?