Marijuana as a sex aid? San Francisco therapist Diana Urman says yes | GreenState
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When things go awry between the sheets, it’s tempting to turn to self-help books, magazines with headlines like “10 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life” or even a licensed therapists for insight.

San Francisco sexologist Diana Urman is among the few to openly suggest a little something else that can quiet the anxieties and self-consciousness that interfere with sexual pleasure: cannabis.

Urman, a native of Ukraine, worked as a teacher and financial analyst before becoming a licensed therapist, and opened her private practice in 2016. Legalized recreational cannabis is a new tool in her kit that she believes will help patients increase feelings of sexual liberty. Urman talked about cannabis and sex with GreenState from her Fillmore Street office. This interview has been edited for length.


GreenState: Your website states that sexual pleasure is an important part of a healthy human life. Why? Some people think sex is for procreation and that’s all they want to hear about it.

Urman: I view sexuality as a form of human expression, and so if we are repressed sexually, we’re not fulfilled as humans. The more we can express ourselves, sexually, the more we can free ourselves from repression.