Marijuana Cafes in Denver are Coming Soon. Who Will Be First?
Friday, Jul 21, 2017

Good news for sociable cannabis lovers! Marijuana cafes are on the brink of becoming a reality in Denver after Initiative 300 was approved by the voting public in November 2016. 53% of the voters agreed to the idea of putting a new pilot program into place that will enable the city to experience marijuana consumption on a social level for the next couple of years.

Basically, the new ordinance will enable businesses that currently have a license to function within the city’s limits to apply for a new permit that gives them the prerogative to establish a “designated consumption spot” for weed smokers.

Businesses with liquor licenses, such as breweries, cannot hold marijuana cafe licenses

The recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in Colorado since 2012, but the absence of legal places to smoke weed in Denver has resulted in consumption in public places, such as Denver’s 16 Street Mall. Until marijuana cafes officially open in Denver, weed consumption is only allowed in private residences. Public smoking is illegal, although enforcement tends to be lax.