Marijuana Drug Testing: What every cannabis consumer should know - Weedguide
Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019

Medical and recreational cannabis use is hurtling towards mainstream status, with the state-level momentum built over the last decade or so perched at a tipping point. In fact, the next U.S. presidential election will likely see federal legalization as part of at least one party’s platform.

For those of us living in a state (or a progressive country like Canada) with some level of legalization, old fears of being “busted” for using marijuana have faded into distant memory. Even in states where cannabis use remains outlawed, enforcement often takes on a reduced priority, a sort of de facto decriminalization.

For consumers, of course, the shift is welcome, and we can expect that broader social acceptance will naturally follow. Ask yourself: Have you told your friends? Your family? Your neighbors? Your work colleagues?

Hold on! Colleagues at work? We may not be ready for that just yet. Medical marijuana laws can be tricky, with important conflicts between state and federal statutes. And while we may be fine with having to weather the disapproval of our neighbors or family, we probably don’t want to test the consequences of violating employment policies. Just as cannabis businesses face operational challenges due to conflicting federal and state laws – think banking regulations – consumers also need to pay attention to a shifting, sometimes contradictory legal landscape. One of the more ominous threats to users is the drug test.