Marijuana Helps Seniors Get Off Drugs
Monday, Feb 24, 2014

Meet Sue Taylor the focus of the great li’l documentary above from Reason.TV.  Taylor’s an ex-catholic school principal who helps senior citizens score weed. Yep, nowadays Sue is following a new calling; it’s her mission to not only help seniors get off harmful and ultra expensive pharmaceutical drugs, but to spread the good word about medical marijuana and put an end to the stigma of medical cannabis forever.

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Aging sucks, dude. You can bet that your grandma isn’t the only senior who’s dealing with shit like insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and a shitload of various skin ailments. And guess what Steve DeAngelo of Oakland’s famed Harborside Health Center sells that’s great for all those conditions? That’s right, weed. And lots of it, man. WEED, he says, is great for dealing with all these different conditions. “Talk to almost anybody over 65-years-old and there’s a list of medications that they’re taking. And very often, the side-effects from those medications are worse than the symptoms they’re supposedly treating.”

“It makes you happier.” “Medical marijuana is about the safest drug on the planet.” “Cannabis is the way to go, it really is a great alternative.” “I’ve been a happy camper—it’s working good for me.”