Marijuana Leaf Mascot Appears in Philadelphia to Celebrate Two Years of Decriminalization - NEWS | MERRY JANE

The jolly marijuana leaf mascot is a part of a major upcoming celebration by Philly cannabis advocates.

As the cannabis industry continues to expand on the West Coast of the United States, most of the East Coast has yet to reform their outdated laws, leaving residents in fear of consequences and dependent on the black market. But some eastern cities, such as Philadelphia, have taken the reserved approach of decriminalization, lessening the punishment of marijuana possession from jail time to small fines. 

The city of Philadelphia decided to decriminalize marijuana exactly two years ago, issuing those caught with 30 grams or less with a $25 citation instead of arresting them. The decision was a small, yet crucial step to getting cannabis medicinally and recreationally legalized in the state of Pennsylvania. 

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of decriminalization, activists will hold a “pop-up pot garden” outside of the Philadelphia Art Museum. According to Chris Goldstein, a longtime local advocate and official with the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Thursday’s event is a play on the beer gardens that have become immensely popular in the city of Philadelphia, but will obviously promote cannabis use instead of drinking.