Marijuana Seeds How to Buy Them Online Safely
Monday, Feb 22, 2016

Looking for marijuana seeds so you can start growing your own weed? You’re not alone. Many growers like to start their gardens using weed seeds. For starters, unlike clones pot seeds won’t come with spider mites or powdery mildew that could destroy your entire garden. Pot seeds also produce plants with a bit more vigor than clones. Plus marijuana seeds are a lot easier to transport and conceal than plants. And they’re easy to get nowadays with all the weed seeds for sale online.

However, with all the vendors out there that have marijuana seeds for sale online or in magazines how do you buy marijuana seeds without getting caught? And how do you make sure that what you’re getting are the best cannabis seeds possible? We’ve got you covered, dude.

Sure you’d love to score some marijuana seeds directly from some of the popular retailers in Amsterdam like The Green House, Sensi Seeds or Dutch Passion? But these guys don’t ship directly to the United States. However there are several online seed banks that offer a wide selection of quality marijuana seeds. We recommend our sponsors Herbies seeds and Gorilla Seed Bank. They both have tons of marijuana strains available and have always taken care of us. That means they’ll take care of you. There are others out there—but just know that there are a lot of fraudulent seed banks out there too. We’d love to open our own seed bank one day. If anyone’s interested in helping us create Stuff Stoners Like signature marijuana seeds hit us up.

Cannabis Seeds are among the millions of letters and packages flowing through the mail system each day