Marijuana Strains Named After Your Favorite Super Bowl Players

One particular kind of entrepreneur taking advantage of the business opportunities brought by the “Stoner Bowl” are pot growers. With the hopes that fans will blaze before, during and after the big game, pot growers have made things interesting by naming specific strains of marijuana after popular NFL players.

Below are a few players who have received the highest honor. However, we do want to warn those going to the game that marijuana usage is illegal in New Jersey.

1. Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode OG

Named after Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch, whose nickname is "Beast Mode,” this strain of pot has a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of 17.6%. 

The average THC content that exists in Seattle pot vary from 12 to 20%.

“The weed hits you like its namesake,” dispensary owner Nate “Diggity” Johnson told the Seattle Times. “Marshawn has gears when he’s running and [Beast Mode is] kind of like that. It has a little bit of a slow start and then kicks in.” This means after you smoke this pot, you won’t be leaving your seat any time soon. It’s that strong.