Martha Stewart Distances Herself From Cannabis Ahead Of CBD Brand Launch
Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

In February this year, Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth Corp. announced that Stewart was taking an advisory role at the company to explore the wellness potential of non-psychoactive CBD for people and pets.

On Tuesday Stewart spoke at the World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, N.B. where she revealed her new product line.

While Stewart’s work with Canopy Growth is the product of her close ties to noted weed aficionado Snoop Dogg, a pairing that spawned a cooking show hosted by the duo, she insists she does not share his love of smoking the chronic.

I don’t smoke. I don’t ingest smoke. Anyway, I try not to,

Stewart said in an interview with Yahoo Finance Canada. (She does, however, recall smoke from a certain rapper’s blunt traveling her way while they were seated next to one another during the four-hour taping of Justin Bieber’s televised roast.)