Massachusetts Sub-Committee Votes to Allow Cannabis Cafes and Marijuana Delivery - IndicaOnline
Friday, Jan 11, 2019

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board’s public safety sub-committee convened to vote on whether or not to allow cannabis cafes and home marijuana delivery. The sub-committee voted in favor of allowing cannabis cafes 5-2.

Cannabis Cafes Recommended

While this seven person sub-committee isn’t directly affiliated with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, they do examine research and make recommendations to the commission regarding the regulatory framework and taxation structure. Their recommendation to allow cannabis cafes will be sent to the CCC who will determine the finer details of the policy.

Cannabis Control Commission press secretary, Maryalice Grill, released a statement saying, "The commission would need to reopen and amend its current regulations to allow for social consumption and delivery licenses in the commonwealth."

Varying Views on Social Use

The commission is comprised of law enforcement officers, cannabis advocates, and municipal lobbyists. While law enforcement has expressed concerns about the potential for more intoxicated drivers leaving cannabis cafes, there are others like attorney Kim Napoli who argues that, "cannabis has been consumed socially for literally hundreds of thousands of years."