Medical Marijuana for Cancer | Cannabis Training University
Thursday, Feb 9, 2017

Many people are aware of the fact that medical marijuana is helpful in curing many ailments and that is why states that have made marijuana legal have instituted laws that cater to specific illnesses that medical cannabis patients must be qualified for. Most cancer patients are eligible to receive medical cannabis cards. While, this is still debatable, many cancer patients have proven the positive effect of medical marijuana.

The Status

The legal status of medical marijuana is still preventing researchers from studying and finding more evidence that marijuana is good for relieving cancer symptoms and other illnesses. Many researchers have limited resources to conduct an extensive study since marijuana is considered a dangerous drug by the federal government and others. So, we will never know the full picture here in the United States. However, in countries like Israel, there is no exemption to conducting cannabis research and so many of their scientists have done just that. A study was done with two hundred cancer patients and it was discovered that the use of medical marijuana led to vast improvement in the patient’s condition.