Medical Marijuana Makeover – Unconventional Products Flourish In Colorado's "Green Rush" | Marijuana
Monday, Jan 13, 2014

With 21 states plus the District of Columbia legalizing medical marijuana, many around the country are curious, what’s next for the miracle plant? Hot tip: no need for fire, bongs, bubblers or zigzags.  In some cases, targeting the youngest patients in need of the beneficial cannabinoids, some forms of medicating won’t even get you high.

In a CBS 60 minute’s story, Steve Kroft witnessed firsthand how Colorado has blazed the medical marijuana trail, literally, demonstrating to an anxious country how its medical marijuana program works. This 60 minute’s piece demonstrates how Colorado has become a productive innovator of unorthodox cannabinoid-based products.

These are not your grandma’s pot brownies.

Per 60 minutes; Marijuana infused Sodas, peanut butter sandwiches, truffles, breath sprays, skin ointments– just about anything can be infused with marijuana, and in Colorado, entrepreneurs are developing all manner of new pot-infused product lines. These products are a far cry from the dorm-room stash of weed in a plastic baggy, and some of these new products even deliver the medical benefits of the drug without the high.