Meet the Professional: Jordan Zoot of aBIZinaBOX
Friday, Apr 12, 2019

When you’re a Cannabis entrepreneur, it may be tempting to DIY your business finances to help improve the bottom line. However, many people underestimate the critical importance of transparency and accuracy when it comes to their company’s assets, and create a list of excuses as to why they don’t need to hire outside accounting help. Financial matters can be delicate, and it takes a qualified professional to handle them correctly.

This is where aBIZinaBOX comes in. Founded in 1995, aBIZinaBOX represents the constant evolution of cutting-edge interfaces of thought and practice in integrated financial advisory, tax, predictive analytics, and technology consulting.

About aBIZinaBOX

The Cannabis Practice Group [“CPG”] of aBIZinaBOX Inc. CPA’s serves commercial cannabis industry businesses in California. The CPG has professionals in Evanston, IL, and Oakland, CA. The practice is led by Jordan S. Zoot, CPA, Managing Director – CEO, who has been in professional practice since 1982.

They strongly emphasize that this offering is NOT more of the same. The skill levels of their professionals are exceptional, the services they provide require substantial experience and skills. If they reflect carefully they can count on one hand the number of firms which they believe have comparable skills in the entire California cannabis market. The articles they publish and the content on their website “telegraph” that message. Perhaps their expertise is most clearly seen in their published comments and participation in the process of commenting on Proposed Regulations and engagement with BCC, CDPH-MCSB, CFDA-CalCannabis, and CDTFA.

Setting up, maintaining and keeping complete and accurate accounting records that meet all of the requirements for both tax compliance and cannabis regulatory requirements. Paying people, and properly filing and maintaining payroll tax collections, payments, and reporting. Calculating, collecting, remitting and reporting cannabis cultivation and excise taxes and sales tax to CDTFA as well as local city and county tax agencies. Setting up and maintaining a proper system of internal accounting controls over cash. TAGS