Mexico's Supreme Court Legalizes Cannabis For Recreational Use
Thursday, Nov 1, 2018

Drug policy reformers claimed a huge victory in Mexico City Wednesday after the country’s Supreme Court handed down two rulings legalizing cannabis for all forms of non-commercial adult use.

The rulings pave the way for adults to use marijuana in any way they see fit. We aren’t just talking about recreational use,

said Froylán Enciso, a drug policy researcher at Mexico’s social sciences institute, the CIDE.

In the first case, a plaintiff wanting to grow his own cannabis at home applied to the court for an “amparo,” a form of constitutional protection from prosecution, so that he can plant, cultivate, harvest, prepare, possess and transport cannabis (for his personal use).

In the second case, another plaintiff also applied for an “amparo” to consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

The two different plaintiffs aimed to declare unconstitutional Mexico’s federal health and penal laws concerning the use of cannabis for non-medical purposes.