Missouri Amendment 2 Legalizing Medical Cannabis Leads - Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Friday, Nov 2, 2018

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A poll released today by 1st Tuesday Campaigns, a new bi-partisan firm focused on state and international ballot referendums and initiatives, showed a dead heat for the U.S. Senate with a month to go until Election Day, while three measures aimed at legalizing medical cannabis all enjoy comfortable leads. The October 5-6 survey of 1,052 likely Missouri voters has Republican Josh Hawley up 2 points over Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill – 44%-42% with 11% undecided. Each of the measures to legalize cannabis receives 62% yes or better.

Senate RaceIncumbent U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill finds herself in a fight to win a third term. State Attorney General Josh Hawley now holds a 2-point lead over McCaskill with only 40% of voters approving of the job she is doing.

None of the third party candidates have gained any traction overall, but in a race this close, the cumulative 3-4% that these candidates are garnering could matter in the final tally.

Similar to McCaskill’s victory over Jim Talent in 2006, this race will come down to turnout. Democratic voter enthusiasm has been high throughout the Trump presidency, and if McCaskill can tap into that enthusiasm without losing her appeal to more moderate and conservative voters, then she still has a chance. If fallout from the recent fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination increases Republican turnout, she could be in real trouble against Hawley.