With that in mind, I advise that following words you read not be taken lightly.



On December 5th 1952, after suffering a fatal blow to his marriage, Harold Blauer checked himself into the New York State Psychiatric Hospital in Manhattan. The professional tennis player, after a colorful career facing some of the biggest names in the game, was seeking treatment for the depression that had wreaked itself upon his life after the dreadful demise that his relationship had crashed upon.


One month later, he would be dead. 


Unbeknownst to Blauer, the institute, being renowned for its expertise in psychopharmacology, was under contract by the CIA. In a tandem effort, the organizations worked together in a top-secret operation code-named MK ULTRA, whose sole purpose was to test the effects of recently developed chemical warfare agents on humans. It was expected that under the terms of such a contract that new “technical data” would be discovered which would hypothetically provide a more stable basis for the utilization of these psychochemical agents- both for offensive use as sabotage weapons and for protection against them.