Money Laundering and The Legal Marijuana Industry
Friday, Apr 13, 2018

Cannabis Industry Lawyer, Tom Howard, explains the marijuana laws so that you can help change them.  Here he tells you how to really launder the money – hang on, technically speaking any transaction related to marijuana is money laundering under federal law.  Check the video for the specific citations.

Because of the scheduling of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act, the “legal” cannabis industry is the largest state-sanctioned money laundering scheme ever committed by the several states in open violation of federal law.  Fascinating stuff, and if you watch the whole video, Tom explains the most sophisticated way to launder the money while still operating your “legal” cannabis business efficiently.

Even transactions related to the sale of the cannabis can be characterized as money laundering.  Check it out and subscribe to the Cannabis Industry Lawyer on YouTube to get weekly videos on weed laws so that you can change them for the better!