My Dog Ate My Stash: Pets and Accidental Marijuana Ingestion
Saturday, Jan 24, 2015

The most unforeseen demand in Colorado’s first year of adult use recreational marijuana sales was the new consumer’s appetite for edibles. Marijuana-infused edibles were originally anticipated to be a niche market, yet they ultimately accounted for 45 percent of all legal marijuana product sales in Colorado in 2014, an astronomical number by all accounts.

Tasty infused edibles with potent levels of psychoactive THC became a hot topic of debate. News headlines called on parents to prevent children from accidentally ingesting their sugar-laden marijuana edibles. This prompted intense debate over dosing guidelines, child-resistant packaging by manufacturers and safe storage of marijuana by responsible parents.

Adults now have easy access to potent and pungent marijuana and evidently man’s best friend is right on the owner’s heels. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, calls were up 200 percent in the last five years regarding marijuana ingestion by pets. Curious dogs are reportedly sniffing out and scarfing down their owner’s stashes in unprecedented numbers, landing pets in veterinary hospital emergency rooms with costly consequences.