New To Edibles? We Have You Covered [Infographic] - MassRoots
Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014

Marijuana legalization is happening all across the United States, and legalization has brought new, more convenient ways to consume cannabis. Edibles have been around since your dad was eating pot brownies at Woodstock, but today’s legal market may mystify even the most experienced users. Medical patients and recreational consumers alike may be surprised by the hundreds of edible marijuana products differing in type, taste, potency and packaging that fill up dispensary shelves today. The team at Whaxy has partnered with Medical Jane, to introduce to you this educational guide, promoting knowledgeable and responsible cannabis consumption.

There are a several important things to remember when you consume marijuana edibles to have a safe experience. For experienced marijuana consumers many of the common pitfalls may seem obvious, but consuming edibles can produce an entirely different experience than smoking. Whether it’s choosing the right product or determining the right amount to eat, novices and experts have many of the same questions.