No, Cannabis Did Not Kill an 11-Month Old Baby

Immediately, the Reefer Madness was strong with this one.

Sensationalism sells. This is something that every news agency [sadly] understood and thus instead of simply reporting on what happens…they like to spin it to a click-bait style news cycle.

Having read the title, I had to see what it all was about.


The Article In a Nutshell

According to most of the articles you’ll read containing this headline it will start off with some general spiel about cannabis and the US.

Then, eventually it would lead into the meat of the story. An 11-month old baby was admitted to the emergency room after having a seizure in Colorado. According to the child’s guardians, he has been acting irritable and lethargic. The doctors did their examination and looked at the patient’s history and found that he was ‘healthy’.

However, within the hospital the boy was unresponsive to treatments and his condition kept on deteriorating. His nervous system began shutting down and thus the doctors had to intubate him. Eventually, his heart gave way and while the doctors tried everything in their power to resuscitate him…it was to no avail.