Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review | Marijuana
Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017

The Scoop: As celebrated and well-respected as any Indica found at your local dispensary, Northern Lights has been impressing connoisseurs since 1985. A staple for many of today’s talented breeders, this illuminating flower has genetically participated in the capturing of more awards than any other strain on planet Earth. With debated roots in the Pacific Northwest and California, grow master Nevil Schoenmaker cultivated and perfected this heavenly strain in Amsterdam. A genetic player in strains ranging from Jack Herer to Super Silver Haze, her most prized offspring is Northern Lights #5.

The Result: An extremely grower-friendly strain that’s commonly duplicated and frequently special; Northern Lights won’t throw a knockout punch to your daily productivity, but she’ll definitely deliver a nice right hook to any toxic stress.

The Verdict: Rarely eager to reinvent the wheel, many of today’s hash makers and growers continue to enter different variations of Northern Lights into various cannabis competitions with a steady return on their time invested. Known for minimizing anxiety and eclipsing pain, this stellar strain also quiets the subconscious mind while stimulating repressed earthbound appetites.