Northern Lights Strain Review
Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015

Marijuana Strain: Northern Lights (Amsterdam)Score: 8/10Content: THC 27.6% | CBD .4%Genetics: This is the Amsterdam version of the Northern Lights strain.

Appearance: Excellent cone shaped buds, the iconic picture in your mind of good weed. The Northern Lights Amsterdam strain is dense and sticky, with a beautiful frost coverage dispersed throughout. Pine cone shaped, with some looking more like the idealistic christmas tree, complete with trichome snow.

Smell: As soon as you tear the package open, the pine scent from this Northern Lights strain just fills the room. Followed by an earthy hint of something almost sweet. Can something smell skunky and kushy at the same time? There’s a definite sweet evergreen aroma when you break the buds open, but when you put it through the grinder, all you smell is that skunky piney goodness. Yum!

Flavor: A great tasting Northern Lights. Personally, I like this one a lot more than the other phenotypes. The smoke is full and skunky with a sweet hint of spice that gives it a seductive silhouette of salivating flavor.