Online THC Calculator: Prepare for Your Next Drug Test
Monday, Sep 3, 2018

That’s right – if you’ve ever wondered how long does marijuana stay in your system, you can use a calculator-like device to record specific personal information (age, weight, height, etc) and give you an estimation of how much traceable THC is likely to be in your body’s cell and tissue systems (including urine, blood, hair, and saliva) at any given moment.

In this discussion, we go over what exactly marijuana drug tests are, how they work, and how you might be able to use a THC drug test calculator (try ours out down below!) to increase the likelihood of passing your next randomized drug screening.

Enjoy, pot lovers everywhere — and welcome to the future!

If you’ve ever interviewed for a job before, you’re likely already somewhat familiar with the horribly awkward (and inconvenient) process of a THC test. You know how it goes – the drug test lady hands you a sterilized plastic cup, stands three feet away from you (in a dead-silent bathroom), and waits impatiently while you try and “fill ‘er up.”

In the first step, the THC in the raw marijuana flower actually exists as THC-A, which is a non-psychoactive acidic version of the active compound. As soon as we fire up the joint (or bowl, or vaporizer, etc), the heat causes the THC-A to decarboxylate into THC, which of course is the active compound that accounts for our beloved marijuana high. The second step is the actual process of inhalation (and absorption) into the bloodstream. As soon as the THC-A combusts, it immediately “turns into” THC, at which point we inhale it into our lungs. Once in our lungs, it can absorb into the bloodstream and travel to every nook and cranny of the body to work its magic. The third step is the metabolic process that breaks THC down into THC-COOH, which as we said, is the compound that’s actually screened for during a marijuana drug test. Once broken down by the liver into THC-COOH, the metabolite will “travel” to various parts of the body (typically hair cells and fat deposits), where it can stay for days, weeks, or even months. First, you’ll need to select whether you want to use imperial or metric units (inches vs. centimeters, pounds vs. kilograms) Then you’ll need to select whether you are male or female Then put in your weight ( either lbs or kg, depending on the units you selected) followed by: Your age Your height (either inches or centimeters) How often you use cannabis (provide your best estimation) What is your medical condition? (If you don’t use weed to treat a specific medical condition, just select “recreational use”)