Opinion: Uphill Battle for Women Working in Cannabis - MassRoots


A woman’s…assets…have been a tool used by many an industry to sell sell sell, and honestly, it usually works. If presenting a lady in a low cut shirt creates more sales of a product, why not utilize that marketing technique, right? Wrong. Women in the cannabis industry aren’t just there to look pretty and help sell weed by revealing their bodies anymore – but it isn’t an easy transition to make.


In a business where the female plant is the one that makes all the money, one would think that human females would be just as highly valued.


Ladies have managed to create a place for themselves in this medical and recreational industry. It hasn’t been easy, and it still isn’t a level playing field by any means. In 2015, Marijuana Business Daily reported that 36% of executives in the cannabis industry were females. Sadly, that number has decreased and in 2017 only 27% of executive positions were held by females in the marijuana industry. The national average for women executives in 2016 was only 23% however, so by that count at least the cannabis industry is breaking some boundaries.