Oregon Cannabis Market Crashes, How Do You Fix It?


Oregon has a cannabis problem…they have way too much! Apparently, the State is producing three times more cannabis than it is legally allowed to consume. Where these numbers come from is anyone’s guess, however to be fair, we do need to acknowledge that a lot of cannabis seized outside of Oregon did come from Oregon. Of course, we’re not talking about staggering amounts of cannabis either.

According to the Oregon government, roughly 2,600 pounds of cannabis was seized in 2017 that were destined out-of-state. Obviously, local lawmakers find this to be troubling especially since Sessions has a hard-on for a Federal crackdown and they don’t want to give him any excuses to bring the full force of the Federal government on their state.

Nonetheless, the “over production” problem has a real simple solve – Allow interstate cannabis commerce between legal states.


The entire West Coast of the US is 100% legal for both Medical and Recreational Cannabis. Since California legalized, they have been worried about a shortage due to the fact that the recreational licensing aspect of their legalized weed scheme is taking longer than expected. These bottlenecks will limit the available legal cannabis to the market. If there only was a state that produced more cannabis than it could consume – Oh yea that’s right…OREGON!