Oregon Marijuana: High Time for the Recreational Market | Canna Law Blog™

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016

The Oregon cannabis industry is in the home stretch of its transition to the recreational pot market. That is sometimes hard to discern with all the noise around administrative rule tweaks and dynamic program deadlines, but the fact is inescapable. At this point, everyone whose motivation is profits should be pushing toward Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) licensure. The Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) medical marijuana regime will soon recede to strictly limited, patient-caregiver relationships. The money there is gone.

First, let’s get the very recent stuff out of the way. Lately in Oregon, lots of marijuana industry people have been scratching their heads and more than a few have been pulling out their hair. The general confusion centered on the October 1 deadlines related to product testing, packaging and labeling, and concentration limits. A flurry of updates issued from state agencies on Friday, and we got another batch of temporary rules from OLCC and OHA. Friday was a big day.