Our New Favorite Workout & Fitness Snacks

Monday, Dec 3, 2018

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As food lovers, we know better than most people the importance of working out. While working out shouldn't just be done so we feel okay eating what we want, it is an important part of a balanced lifestyle. When you're eating for the insta in NYC, sometimes the only way to have a big enough appetite is to get a workout in early in the day. And just like there is a connection between food and mental health, there also is with working out. Having an hour to yourself every day to not be distracted by other problems and sweating out any stress can make a huge difference in how we feel mentally.

My personal favorite workout is modelFIT, a boutique fitness studio located in NY and LA that focusses on small, controlled movements that tone both your large and small muscles. The slow movements require so much focus that modelFIT is essentially a moving meditation. I wanted to share the amazing benefits with Spoon USC members, so we organized a group outing to modelFIT and made sure we had ample snacks to fuel up with after. Keep reading to find out about more our new favorite workout and snacks.

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