Politician Believes Legal Weed Will Spur A Communist Revolution

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017

There really is nothing like a gray-haired legislator rambling on about 17th century China, opium and youth trends to make a hard-line case for banning cannabis. It takes you back to those early days of marijuana prohibition, when the hysteria, ignorance and fear-mongering were so new and exciting. And who knows, maybe Canadian MLA Ron Orr stepped through a way-back portal on his way to the Alberta legislature on Wednesday, where he delivered a jeremiad against the cannabis-induced collapse of all societal values. Yes, this politician believes legal weed will spur a communist revolution in Canada.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Ron Orr is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Canada, representing the Lacombe-Panoka district in central Alberta. He’s a staunch conservative who’s taken a scatter-shot approach to speaking out against legal cannabis.

Canada’s legal weed law mandates that individual provinces set specific rules and regulations for the cannabis industry. Which is why having a politician who believes legal weed will spur a communist revolution is kind of a problem.