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Monday, Jun 19, 2017

If you were to ask many cannabis enthusiasts, they may tell you that there is an unexplained sense of joy and accomplishment when growing marijuana yourself. You get the chance to choose the plant’s genetics, if that is what you want to do. However, it should be said that not every cannabis strain is the same. Depending on your choice of plant, the genetics that you choose may be the wrong one. Hybrid strains, indica strains and sativa strains are all up for grabs, but each having their own features as it relates to their growth. Each have a variety of time periods to flower and will often produce different results.

The Complexities

Some individuals may find indica strains to be very strong and result in drowsiness, in particular the individuals that have little experience in cannabis consumption. For this reason, these people may be challenged in handling indica strains during the daytime, especially. On the contrary, for many of these same individuals, sativa strains may not be sufficiently strong. So what can these individuals do? Well, hybrid strains may be the solution or the in-between. Hybrid strains are well balanced with typically fifty percent india and fifty percent sativa strain. Let’s look at the traits of hybrid marijuana plants: