Pro Tips: Cannabis and Your Workout

The stigma against “lazy stoners” is fading fast. Are you part of the movement?

Today’s consumers are increasingly being revealed as active, athletic folks who are focused on using the plant for its wellness applications. The challenge is to find the right product and dosage to enhance the workout, rather than get in the way.

Why Try It?

At first, using cannabis as part of a workout plan might seem counterintuitive. For years, we have been led to believe that THC causes impairment and is inherently unsafe to use.

We now know that it is relatively safe, and in many cases can offer users a complete enhancement of the overall food and exercise experience.

There are a few key points to consider before trying a workout with cannabis. First, you will want to decide why you are consuming, when you would like to consume it, and what kind of products you will be picking up for the occasion.

Before the Workout

Lots of people use cannabis as their favorite pre-workout. Many claim that it synergizes the mind and body to work together more effectively, and helps them achieve that elusive “runner’s high” that comes with physical activity.