Prohibited in the 5th Degree: a Cannabis Vaporizer That Does It All
Monday, Oct 23, 2017

The magnetic cartridge chamber allows you to switch between the Dry Herb Cartridge and Concentrates Cartridge instantly. The Dual Quartz / Titanium Concentrates Cartridge offers a direct heating element for a premium dab experience, unique to a portable vaporizer at this price point. If you want even more options to vape your wax concentrates, check out the Prohibited Dabber Cartridge.

With the Dabber Cartridge, you can dip the tip directly into your concentrate for a quick but potent dab hit. There’s no cleanup required with this cartridge and the dab straw helps you conserve your wax, too. Adding this to your Prohibited In the 5th Degree kit gives you more vaping options than any other unit on the market. And if you want even more ways to vape your wax concentrates, you will soon be able to add the E-Rig Cartridge to the lineup.

The Prohibited E-Rig Cartridge adds a glass water bubbler to the top of the unit and includes a weighted charging base to stand the vape on during your dab session. It comes with interchangeable ceramic, titanium and quartz e-nails. This cartridge will deliver the strongest hit of your concentrates. Plus, it comes with a travel case for convenience.