Republican Dana Rohrabacher Submits States' Rights Marijuana Bill
Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017

With so much uncertainty regarding Donald Trump’s federal marijuana policy, the cannabis community could use some good news. The fact that a positive reform bill would come from a Republican may surprise those not paying attention, but the GOP’s Dana Rohrabacher has been one of our best allies for quite some time. The Orange County conservative, responsible for Ronald Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” line when he worked as a speechwriter for the former president, is helping bring down prohibition, step by step, by introducing a bill that would protect states’ rights to legalize marijuana.

With the nomination of Reefer Madness prohibitionist Jeff Sessions for attorney general, passing legislation that protects state marijuana laws is imperative. Hopefully, with a majority of Americans now supporting legalization, Congress, and the president, will respect the bill of the voters and implement Rohrabacher’s common sense proposal. Contact your federal representative and urge your rep to support Congressman Rohrabacher’s bill.