Reuters, Motley Fool, Street Register, and More Cover Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Continued Growth - Medical Marijuana, Inc - Investors
Friday, May 4, 2018

Following our fourth consecutive month of growth in 2018, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our family of companies once again make headlines in national media outlets this week with articles focusing on our top quality products, cannabinoid research, and more.

As sales revenue from across Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s portfolio of companies continues to grow, we received attention from a number of media outlets exploring the increasing value of our stock.

Street Register looked at the upward trending sales revenue from Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary Kannaway. Both companies have set new sales revenue records respectively for each of the first four months of 2018. The article also explored recent developments from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio, including the launch of new products, attending national events, and receiving media coverage in outlets like Men’s Health, GQ, Forbes, Nylon, and more.

May 4, 2018