Riverside permanently bans marijuana dispensaries, outdoor growing - The Cannifornian

Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018

No marijuana dispensaries, no commercial marijuana cultivation and no outdoor growing of marijuana will be allowed in Riverside, the City Council decided Tuesday, July 10.

The permanent ban is set to go into effect Aug. 24, about two weeks before the city’s temporary moratorium with similar prohibitions expires.

The 4-3 vote still allows people to use marijuana and to grow up to six plants indoors. California voters decided through Proposition 64, which went into effect in January, that those uses couldn’t be banned. Voters in six of Riverside’s seven wards voted in favor of the state law.

Riverside, though, now bans almost everything marijuana-related that state law allows it to ban. One exception is that cannabis testing will continue to be permitted.

Previously, the city allowed four marijuana plants outside and four more inside, if they were for personal use.

The council’s two-hour debate came after several workshops beginning more than a year ago. Most recently, in March, the council heard a report from Denver police officers and a delegation of Riverside officials who traveled to the Colorado capital to study the effects of marijuana legalization there.