Rolling Papers
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

STUFF STONERS LIKE signature rolling papers are the first rolling papers made for stoners by stoners. They’re additive-free, unbleached and 100% organic. Made from pure hemp, so thin you can see right through ‘em, our signature papers are slow burning and not too slick to roll with ease. And because they’re made with an all-natural gum they don’t come unstuck even during the most hardcore sesh and no matter how hard your friends fumble the joint. MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO PURCHASE.

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Stuff Stoners Like papers are stuff stoners like. You can’t get ’em at Rolling Paper Depot but you can score yourself a pack here on our site. You can also score stuff stoners like papers at a head shop or dispensary in marijuana-friendly states including New Vansterdam in Vancouver Washington.

Here’s a list of cigarette rolling papers that aren’t stuff stoners like: Raw rolling papers Bambu rolling papers

We used to dig Juicy J rolling papers, like Zig Zag rolling papers they’re on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like, but after a few joints we quickly realized that if you’ve got tasty weed, why mask it. We also tried Shine rolling papers. But the whole time we were smoking we kept thinking how healthy can 24k gold papers really be? Plus we felt lame spending extra money on gold skins when we could have spent it on more weed or something to add to the weed like kief or bho As far as unique or custom papers go Shine 24k gold rolling papers are a cool novelty, but spending extra money on Shine papers instead of more weed seems crazy.