Savage Lane Changes – Can Lead to Vicious Dabbing : Day 2 High Times Med Can Cup | Marijuana
Tuesday, Jun 26, 2012

As I have stated many times, and for good reasons… I hate to leave the office, or in this case hotel room. It seems that strange crap always follows when I poke my head up into the world of reality. It was early Sunday morning, and the question on my mind, was whether or not, I should indulge in some of these wonderful concentrates I was given to sample, before shoving off for the second day of High Times Cannabis Cup 2012.  Sunday morning in the Bay area, is not a quiet day… and I was not up for another hectic day on the local high ways. As I rounded up my roommate for this three day adventure into the bowels of the medical marijuana industry, Steve Tuck, a master grower from the Humboldt area, was already three rips into his morning routine.

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As it neared time for us to pack our supplies and head over to the event, I was forced to leave the hotel room without medicating… As it turns out that was the right decision. After ingesting a “quality” breakfast from our hotel, of runny scrambled eggs, undercooked bacon and diluted O.J. it was time to hit the road.

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