Scientists Call Out Cannabis Industry and Happy to Take the Money -
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

Cannabis news is riddled with articles about rescheduling marijuana for more research and national legalization. Even recreational marijuana and medical marijuana opponents are pushing for more research in the cannabis industry. However, the news is always producing articles on new cannabis industry research and if somebody did not know better, it might feel like there is a lot of research on cannabis.

There has been quite a bit of research on marijuana, but unfortunately not genuine scientific research. Recreational weed states like Colorado and Alaska have based their decisions to legalize, mostly on anecdotal stories and people’s assumptions. It is not that experiences is not worth anything, it certainly is, but when it comes down to medicine and commodities, scientists drill down to the smallest of details to learn how to best optimize a substance. Now that the cannabis industry is more acceptable, scientists are getting funding to research cannabis and they can use that money to learn a lot more than just about marijuana. What else do you think scientists may be able to learn while they research cannabis?